Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last night @The Poetry Project w/Amiri Baraka and Thomas Sayers Ellis

Tonight in the East Village amid ominous gargoyle's the poetic seeds of Ferlinghetti , Ginsberg, Kerouac and Delmore Schwartz ghost frolic inside the St. Mark's Parish Hall holding court to bear witness  old friends,rebels, versifier,nationalist, new word nymphs recite verse or thumb through notebook pages finding a suitable account  shakespearean ear that tickle hearts to be stored in a poetic grail of notables. Tonight Parish Hall was full anticipated the wilds of poet extraordinaire Amiri  Baraka literary giant without a doubt performing his classic poem Am/Trak . Amiri Baraka “The Lullaby of Avon Avenue”, a poetic tribute to jazz great and Newark native, Sarah Vaughan. I love that piece cause y'all know I dig me some JAZZ. . . The evening jumped off with Poet Thomas Sayers Ellis who blew a few poems which rocked the skeletons of the Parish and audience last night. The evening was a poetic fest for hungry ears so I say "feed me ... And thus I was fed well ; longing to stand once again @ the mic inside Parish Hall . Peace keep word nymphs full of poetry.


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