Sunday, February 10, 2013

Returning from Blue Note I need to write!!!


After a few days of snow wonderland snapshot of your area I ventured aboard the train to the Village to hear the sultry intoxicating sound from Ron Carter Quartet @ the Blue Note. Awe easing into my seat front table near the stage of course that's where I always sit so as not to miss one note playing a pure sound of loveliness that one is beguiled  by luscious inflection . Such fidelity, embracing her (Bass) mahogany to spin the fullness of hips that consumed his body leaning into notes so sweet you almost wish the instrument could be ... Hmmm a splendid thought shared by couples or I who sat bound by the jazz magic which has set fire to my feet to fulfill a musical hunger as per this night and several others just like this. Jotting a few mental or liner notes I wished to return to my abode and rummage thru my father's albums reviewing the liner notes on such classic jazz albums like Creed Taylor presents "Know Your Jazz" , "live" at the half-note the Art Farmer Quartet featuring Jim Hall ... Wow these goodies that outline every nuance is poetic Jazz . Yes serious musical dope for the head... Ok I 'm satisfied and bid all adieu .peace

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