Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Graffiti Notes by Lepadah


suppose you compose Graffiti boogie-woogie while billions tip toe down below
after the bitter bite; an apple cold
did all souls hear strange construct fermented pipes
frozen thoughts; thawed composition battling tempo writhe axles
adjust transpose Graffiti notes crawling inners open cow hide pen strokes singing steel grind bleeding
screeching maestro reaching to snatch the life out of the world's daily pulse
revolting beneath the belly of its earth creeps keepers
restless beast . . . Go on blow a belch squeal to her changing wheels electrocute tracks huff and puff I'm taking notes from ghost scrape skid mark rails
trail her cries that of graffiti atoms exhale … inhale "chuff …chuff" "halt … halt"
five points call for the gangs of new york chasing moles further beneath her open naval after the world leaves now rest breathing a gentle rumble roll into the black hole
the tooting of fluting pipes … © 2013 Lepadah


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