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Shadowed metaphor

Dreamer jewel

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I be standing with Lucifer at your door

shadowed metaphors

left open the gates

you selected your tools

I beheaded your efforts

left you bleeding before my feet

unable to cry out in defeat

cherubic tantrums

our symposium was not about you

I drop verse


splash words on paper

I am the image maker

flowing free

my mouth a sea of funky vocabulary


grammatical relapse

downloading explosive lyrical sensation

you can’t be me

I never wanted or needed to be you

stuck dreaming

stifled by tobacco boys

isolated from my big city blues

while I sling slang with jazz gurus

you wanna be Brooklyn gurly

what ya know about them

absolutely nothang

I am planted in the earth of urban blight

that’s all I know is how to deal

stealing respect from the everyday

I sleep with men you dare to dream about

I walk with Gods you dare to pray to

I sit inside Soho lofts on Crosby with Duncan and Moses

you don't know this

I sit in Zora’s memory

at the Schomburg you will find me

beneath skeletons of Harlem Prophets

that beat rituals into the foyer of my soul

you can’t represent

feeling all bent

you already spent to many verses on me

so what you gonna do

sail down the waters with correct English

derive synonyms, adjectives out the thesaurus

I’ll be ghetto all over you

write as I please

forcing you to your poetic knees

take heed I flowed long with Thoreau

Hemingway for a day

traveled to drink out of a desert hole

Jah gave water

So you can continue to dream jewel

stare at the stars

cry at the moon

I will keep all the ballers in pool pockets

Urban days ferment in your sockets

at night when you think of me

dare to stare at what I can bare

on lyrics and rhyme

Conga lullabies

Sepia Queens, Nubian Kings

all those things you thought you knew

I will give you Rasta blue

he will play our song for you

remember we are the rhythmic riders whose haloes were stolen long ago by Lucifer

death walk poets

© 2009 Lepadah

  death walk poets...
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.10 19:12]
what a beautiful poem! a masterpiece, a protest written like a prayer in slang...yet it has guts and style...written in beautiful shades of English and not-so-English this could be the lyrics of a new alternative piece of music...highlighting the futility and the power of the word, muse vs poet...the kind of poem that breaks norms to reach the next level...yours made it there effortlessly...Congratulations!


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Shadowed Metaphor

From: Robin (bitoftruth)

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Jun 16 10 02:52 PM

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Awesome allusions with a very distinct rhythm.
) Robin Taylor (BitofTruth)


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Submitted by Ravenshakti on 16 June 2010 - 2:22pm.
Shadowed Metaphor...

Your poem took me on a little journey;
a poetic adventure, with a very sensual rhythm…
One I very much enjoyed!

I like what you’re saying here;
and I love the way you say it!

Gentle regards,


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