Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love A Poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

love is your bass

holding hips

flicking strings

I'll be your bass

love is my mahogany body

that dip sliding into arms

cradle thoughts of jazz love

mused tupelo honey

round mid-night type of love is a bonquet of you

it is the glow in tangerine light

with miles Sketches of Spain

perfectly narcissistic vanity

dreamed and delivered between sheets

lollipop lick tongue kiss

mood love

so here I go again

wrting another crazy poem

about love

another sad Nina Simone song

sung in a poem

Yeah, you heard it all before

so here I go again

alone with pen and paper

cold full moon nights

full of you that left whispers along the side of my neck

filling my ear with your love words

you wanted to feed me

feed me some of you

to make my belly swell

so you said

hey baby you're my honey

I want to give you a taste of me

I'll feed you my seed you see

I want

I want

I want a part of me to go

to grow

to flow

inside you and become me and you of we

so it can remind you of loving me

so there I go tripping

over words spoken in the night

there I go like "Moody's mood for love."

a bird in love flight whispering wings

(Song break - Saxaphone)

"there I go."

"there I go."

totally out of control

© 2009 Lepadah

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