Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend @ the Blue Note celebrating Roy Haynes 85th Birthday.

My weekend spent @ the Blue Note with the legendary Roy Haynes and Chick Corea. I reserved a table for the eight o'clock show . A beautiful spring day and I was ready to embrace this musical genius. Yes I went solo, it was wonderful with a perfect view squeezed in between couples no reaction from me just happy to be here amid these two giants of Jazz. Celebrating Roy Haynes 85th birthday. I must say he looks fabulous and snap, popping those drums, I see why he is tagged "snap crackle." Sipping slowly on a glass of crisp chilled Chardonnay I was ready. The music was slamming, riveting and reminded me of the time I walked into Sweet Basil after midnight almost empty and there he was front center was the wonderfully talented Art Blakey drumming all alone. I sat a table away caught in the musical moment of such greatness. Thus at the Blue Note I was just a two steps away from Roy Haynes totally caught again. A great night had by me. I'm so smiling feeling happy. .


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