Friday, November 18, 2011

In Other Words by Lepadah

In Other Words

Those piano keys
must be Monk tinkering at the light
awakening the we to early morning rhythms
slipping in-between slats
slit sunshine through his criss cross (pause)
over our souls new arrangements
abstract, architectural syllabus
Alpha to my Omega
you be the creator to our Pyramids
non other . . . than you lover
discover, uncover the principal
sought to walk away
but allow this love to re-lay
in other words . . .
if only for one day; per se
in other words . . . to convey
we are an air of cliche
so far removed from the rest of the world
flown, blown to celestial skies
"hear our love cries"
"hear our love cries"
sway me away
with trembling tambourines
chiming, echoed births of African spirituals
rocking you into tickled ivories, black and white
a micro nucleus burst jollying about
volley inborn; once shaded caliginous
lit by luminous liner notes and current berries
"Alleluia." the cry
balm of Gilead
snatching pearls to tempt reaping acquaintance
I yen for you . . . I yen for you
though the feelings are real
all the words that I say
all the words that I say
could not express how I feel . . .
simply ... could not express how I feel

© 2011 Lepadah


From: cumin (cumin)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 18 11 07:29 PM

I have said this before...and I take those words back......this poem from you is now my favourite of all I've read from you.

So many splendid lines.... these ones especially......

"sway me away
with trembling tambourines"

thanks for the pleasure of reading yours.

From: kingbey (kingbey)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 19 11 12:45 PM


That was a lovely song, and you say words could not express? Well, that was one beautiful instrumental, jazz instrumentals are my favorites, this poem too, I'm gonna go listen to this one again, and who knows, maybe today, per se, I could end up feeling that way. Nice piece Lepadah, nice.

In Other Words . . . Love / Spokenword

From: kingbey (kingbey)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 21 11 01:25 PM

Now that's somethin, don't run into too many E.D. fans, ur right, underappreciated, I first got into jazz in the avante garde era, and brothers like him, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, not everybody could handle that, I first heard E.D. on I think a Trane album, Trane, Pharoah Sanders, Miles, were(are) favs, but yeah, like ed and monk, I'm jazz fanatic in general, sax in particular, Monk, u know, a monster, haha, that gives me a lot of insight into the way you write, haha, you play that kind of stuff, now I know why I like it so much, so keep playin that stuff, peace

From: 68degrees (68degrees)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 21 11 08:04 PM

Anything that makes that connection to Jazz is okay by me.

I'll bet this sounds terrific being read...

In Other Words . . . Love / Spokenword
Nov 23, 2011 01:52:11 PM

Posted in Poetry
Subject: In Other Words . . . Love / Spokenword

Hi Lepadah, you are really something, I don't know if I've ever seen anything like you, you really blew my mind getting into the music, you done really messed up now (get the stimulants, you know what's up) you've really given me something to babble about now, music(jazz) is probably my deepest and most eduring love, seems like you love it too. About the last thing I ever expected to discuss on a poetry forum was Eric Dolphy, and it led to an enjoyable night of music for me. Really laid me out that you could be into someone like Dolphy, I entered jazz in the "out the box" era, and was so into it, that it took me years to appreciate classic jazz. Trane was the one that got it all started for me, where I first heard Dolphy and Pharoah Sanders. Anyway that's when I hit youtube last night and started with some Dolphy, ur right, one of many unappreciated geniuses around then, had mostly only heard him on bass clarinet accompanying others, at first, and had a couple on vinyl destroyed years ago, and hadn't listened to him in a while.. I don't know how familiar you are with Pharoah Sanders, but that is my man. He was lucky to outlive the others, and to me is one of the most unappreciated of all because he was sorta born in Tranes shadow, but carried on a lot of what the others were doing, like Dolphy, for decades, and I was on cloud nine when I heard one of his cuts that I hadn't heard, or had forgotten, called  "Our Roots Began in Africa" ooooo I love a wide range of stuff, but that, and maybe "(I)Got to have Freedom by Pharoah are what I call my mainline type jams, when I don't have time for the high to creep up ha ha, any way Lepadah you started all this by bring up Dolphy and telling me about your cool collection, so I thought since you are so nice, and so wonderful and kind(buttering u up) that you would share some of your other favorites with me and tell me a couple of cuts that really take you out, you might be turning me onto something I'm not hip to. Any way, I'm not a whole lot into the pilgrim stuff, but have a wonderful day, holiday, and weekend, and please get back when u get time about more on your collection and your ultimate get-off stuff, and thanks for not cussing me out by now, ha ha, peace       Mick ;


Hello Mick,

So glad and appreciative of your comments. Listen I've had a love affair with classic Jazz since I can remember. I grew up listening to my father playing the Blues, jamming to Parker, Mingus, Monk, MIles, Dolphy, Bud Powell, Jazz Messengers, Clark Terry and BLOW DiZZY, Lester Young, baddest drummer ever Chick Webb lol damn the list goes . . . on. Most of which my mother totally disagree with Jazz and Blues being played in the house reference them as junkies hey it is what is. But I would shake at any sound that moved my soul and fell in love with Jazz so bad I could not wait to hit the clubs in the Village and I did. With regards to Pharoah Sanders shit (stop playing) a baddddd jazz man outside the box and when he did Equinox whoa blew me away just like Coltrane take on it but Pharoah took it to a experimental height. These artist were visionaries with a beautiful intelligent twist on music, art and life. My heart belongs to Coltrane's "Acknowledgment", Miles "Bitches Brew", Wow some of the greats I had the privilege of hearing is Roy Hayes which I secretly video taped at the Blue Note. I stumbled upon Art Blakey one lonely night stepped into Sweet Basil and there he was beating the hell out those drums and only four other people in the joint years ago, Clark Terry, Reggie Workman, Dr. Billy Taylor . . . endless. One of the fondest memory was when my father singing Arthur Prysock song "I Worry About You" to me when I was little; I never ever forgot his duplicate voice reverberating in me. Listen enjoy this day off even though my thoughts about Thanksgiving is a misgiving and disillusion. But please enjoy.

Peace Blessing Lepadah

Thank you Lepadah, I am so glad to know you, and that was a journey like I've never experienced, you are so blessed, and are so free with your blessings, enjoy the holiday, that was a musical journey like I have never taken, and I thought I knew some jazz, but damn, my sistah, I bow to you, over there in New York talking about being in places, and seeing people, that I have only known on album covers, WOW! But thanks for taking time to tell me all that, I really, really, enjoyed it, and I'll talk to you soon, peace and love, mick

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