Monday, November 7, 2011

Message to Lover by Lepadah

Message to Lover

Our amaranthine presage
broadcasting Mile's kinda blue
with ancient ambidexterity
she left love waiting
sacrificed in a glacial heart

devoted to our love lie
easy say for an easy lay
pussy is so relevant
"I love you." ah huh . . .
arranged in each one's arms
bestir to noticeable light
bid you some sugar "good bye."

continue to ecstasize this masquerade
earmark distant lover
you are one of many
"did she jest confess?"
excuse the pun
why not go tell em
tell him your true

the night other's held onto your breast
sucking the life out of them leaving one a willow
weeping/bleating in the motor inn

next time tell how she drained that cock
donning it supreme fountain to all life
leaving a string of Blowfly songs; to sing along
right after we both said "I love you."

ah huh . . . go on baby tell em

you know "I love you." ha ha

© 2011 Lepadah

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