Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sunday, Sunday Kind of Day by Lepadah

It was one of those days
it was Saturday, no Sunday
walked the upper West side
but this time feeling very fine

stack steam streaming
from portholes in the street
giant jingle bells
spy the unlit Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Saturday night fever strut
relaxing back on the axis
clock time hours past midnight
and I don't care
if dawn beats me to the door

only to be found standing naked
listening to water raining over lyrical jibber jabber
nothing else matters

with exception to empty drunk stomach's
meet at mama's inn
the distinguished friend
outfitted in jeans, turtle neck a wrapped shawl
mirrored gentlemen jeans, Pendleton spitting out an merino ascot

let's eat, be happy with our behavior
feast bowl of oat's
topped strawberries, blackberries, drizzle honey cream
potatoes pancake dalloped applesauce
one mug of coffee , one cup of coffee

please hold the progression of this day
there would be more to come
plenty of wine heterogeneous abaca

saddling aside
sliding a boney arm across hipbone
a Sunday, Sunday kind of day
there was runs to be made

accessing the PH
once locked into his world
"kiss me."

perfecto! drinks please . .. .
canvas rare Copenhagen, original Piccaso's
darlings strewn about
mad definition of purposeful clutter

the white room intensely lit
she straddle one leg
falling into his thigh
thump upon a baron
knotted cabal

stereophonic sounds Billie singing "My Yiddishe Mama."
one dark paranoia
kept eying the door
quick move slight of noise
satisfied answering her queries

no worry; we read Celine
pouring profusely over button accessory
drooling rage of wild laughter
improvising, reenacting vivid imagery

entrust book
as gift to a writer worth the salt
yes, yes dear one . .. .
fondle his hydroponic hands

subsequent steps akin to Siamese twins
"down for a ride."
drop to the other side
hang muse Gumi

his anatomizing anomaly of body head, hydro red
master kush, kush kush, bud and bubba
a serious strain of sour diesel and purple haze

just another Sunday, Sunday kind of day

© 2011 Lepadah

A Sunday, Sunday Kind of Day

From: kingbey (kingbey)
Last Visit: 12:14 PM
Posts: 82

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 23 11 10:45 AM

You go to the most fun places, and hang out with the coolest crowd, this walk was as much fun as the slow ride,  you always got good music, food and refreshments, my belly is full, and I'm feelin good, and had fun wathcing you and your crowd,  nice piece Lepadah.

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A Sunday, Sunday Kind of Day

From: 68degrees (68degrees)
Last Visit: Nov-27

To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Nov 23 11 09:36 PM

I spent six weeks in Manhattan a number of years ago. Used to walk on the West side from 120th down to Staten Island Ferry almost every day, sometimes twice a day.

I was there again after reading this. Thank you.


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