Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lepadah after the Drum March OWS


My Thursday, Friday, Saturday spent with family and friends. Some sane, some not you know how the Holiday's can bring out the Ebony hillbillies, country cousins, snobs, Bebe kids and the our elders who totally monopolize the day with complaints. But . . . I must admit the evening began with a hella smoke. Started with sprucing up the house, poured a nice big goblet (lol) of wine, proceeded to prep for Thursday. Completed all elements there of and started the ritual chopping of collards; washed, ready for the pot tada! stop! not that simple sister. Went to a neighbor for a meshed cook off, blew a little, drank some more wine and douse two ibuprofen. Returning to the nest to finished the collards which were I thought simmering on the stove. I don't remember how I managed to undress throw a sheet over the sofa and TKO. Well, I did just that forgetting all about the Holiday greens until I heard my name in the distance and the thumping at the door downstairs. Wow! this was a Cheech & Chong "Smokin" moment; as I woke slightly from a serious daze. Nonchalantly flounced to the kitchen turning the fire off and proceeded to walk in a float downstairs opening the door to witness security and a neighbor standing before me. Security "Is everything alright Miss?" without hesitation responded "of course, I'm just cooking." Closing the door and returning to my now burnt greens and a very smokey house. Very please with the final turn of events ended in a meticulously maintain Kente decorated table, fresh uprooted Autumn flowers from the front yard no money spent . . . replacing the collards for brussels sprouts. Cleaned the house thoroughly, lighting scented Apple/Cinnamon candles blending with the kitchen aromas of sage, thyme and other spices. A party of five scheduled to arrive just enough for my management and it was a great day after all. As Jazz filtered through out my important guest my daughter home for the Holiday. Thanksgiving is everyday one is able to witness another breath of life. Unfortunately this day was not such with all the violent events of our past which many history books have blatantly lied about. But I will reserve comment at point for further discussion another time.

Friday a day spent with my daughter. We made our way down to Zuccotti Park participating in the Drum March with Queen Mother and the OWS Protesters. Once again NYPD imposing presence was evident but "Power to the People." Big props for Occupy Oakland holding it down strong. Drop verses and did some taping over the weekend as well.

Peace all Lepadah

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