Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poor. . .verty, I'm Gonna Put a Face on This by Lepadah

Poverty Put a face on this
finding every corner turning ash burn
tossing bodies out into the lost and found
pushed out impoverished cubbyholes
where not enough is just not enough

I'm gonna put a face on this
we are the proletariats
clash against Philistines
they keep on coming
they keep on pressing
testing how low can you go
before you blow

it's no illusion this deliberate confusion
we're going through
a Biafra right here in America

I'm gonna put a face to this word
poor verty . . . poverty not one race
it's a human thing
an oppress thing; the haves and the have not
it's a condition cause by greed
need to bleed a society

a socioeconomic thing
political, class thing
where children's stomachs are never full
growing growls tattling of hunger

poverty is not fare
neither is welfare
but we all been there; or soon will be

poverty I'm gonna put face to this word
the miserable cycle of revolving doors
shuffling homeless through city shelter's
stratifying us from the rest
label you a loser

I'm gonna put a face on this thing called poverty
starting with me
I may not be the classification A
but I'm certainly B just below
awaiting the threshold

stole some guts
swallowed pride
held onto every bit just to get by
so they called my name
holding back the shame
I discover there was none

collected the check
signature to paper
in hand a benefit card
step to door and own my dignity
went to the nearest supermarket for food to feed my babies

poverty is knowing the elderly
can no longer afford food
where pensions, social security is just not enough
it's just simply not enough

government taxing us to death
foreclosures, irreconcilable debt
so we all gather together
millions disenfranchised
holding hands, sing "We Shall Overcome."
beat the tom tom's

monopolize the dreamer's of Zuccotti Park

Poor verty I'm gonna put a face on it . . .

© 2011 Lepadah

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