Monday, December 19, 2011

About Artist Lepadah (Per Se)


About the author Lepadah
Words. Universally expanding outward beyond known possibilities. Spatial sporadic coagulations forming paratactic fragments. A collective archetypal inheritance expounds in the form of connected notions.
An equal expansion within. Unconscious forces seeking wholeness—the mystery of soul. Waves of resonance vibrate inward where emphasis and essence and imagination infinitely flow.
An artist’s self-sculpted personified effigy—words—shape into a finely contoured poet. Congregating episteme, a curious questioning method of elenchus seeks resolutions, as the tightrope walker balances on the high wire between truth and belief, between calm and chaos, between reality and illusion…
Between the lines, a marinating alphabet soup of thought. Provoking pieces of nourishment. Spoken and unspoken images merge into discovery of repertoire as an ensemble waits in anticipation of dramatic performance, in other words, performance poetry, per se.
In lyrical soliloquy, a presentation of balanced, heart-felt harmony—prose and poetry—in other words…Le Per se.

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