Monday, December 19, 2011

State of Being (for Lepadahxxx) Mapovia

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State of Being (for Lepadahxxx)

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You pick the paints to color me.
Black and blue are fine by me.
I'm partial to the darker hues.

White wash me if you will.
It will not change who or what I am.
I am mud, I am saffron.  I'm also coral reef.

Mock me, curse me.  So many times
you've spat on me, I'm numb to adversity..
Towards adversity  I feel a little fondness, in fact.

Whatever you do, don't pretend to love me
and then at random despise my race and culture.
I've already warned you who and what I am.

I am lowly not because it is my station. For love of art,
I dress the part. Handle me with caution, then.
I might be your siren of destruction

For those who insist to know what I'm about,
I'm a woman of a thousand faces.  Some Calypso,
a few Medusa.

I deride royal titles.Pompous titles I will bring to naught.
True nobility is of heart and mind,
and of temper most of all


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