Friday, December 2, 2011

Note to Sister Sun Light Epiphany Castro

I knew the inner energy was true within you. I recently viewed your latest video blog and to my surprise to find out you have issues with your vision. You are not alone just like our Sister genius writer Alice Walker lost the sight in one eye; yet is one of the prolific writer's of our time. So peculiar you mentioned this I found myself smiling because I too have a condition with my vision as well (myopia) so like us all you Sister/Queen are a visionary jewel able to view the broader spectrum of the universe daring to dwell mentally where no one else dares, intellectually outside the perimeters. Acute sense of our purpose in this world. Your eyes giving for sight but the mind holding the genius to light. Enjoy the specialness. A bless recovery after surgery Sister.

Peace Lepadah

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