Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brooklyn II by Lepadah

Brooklyn II

kin to good dreams
vivid nightmares in-between
indulgent scenes
espy thespians

clipping sapor
soaked bamboo sticks
coco mango a merge supreme
neighborly smells
of fried fish, plantains, rice and beans

seems my dress is so corny
as one sit adroit trying to fit in
licking at the hips of coolness
a stiff shot of something lusty
will settle the tightness of configuration

loosen lips sedate the linguist
to issue just as nature would have
one to belong
innate talent to capture dwindling luminaries

trend edge snatch up by corporations
sold back to the hood
with stamps of their own
she survives rising up

towering heights with steel roots
her horns spitting accents
marinating in each sonnet I continue to toss at the wind
assemble Venus Hottentot descendants
to revelation dance

I love you . . . Brooklyn
cotton to your warm living room of old illegal joints
someplace downtown brown
shake shimmy; cutting capers in no drawers

unraveling her apron for spring
colorful trestle majestically solid
all dressed up readying for new folks
of many countries

I refuse to leave in this way
whispering i must stay

for the last dance

© 2011 Lepadah

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Brooklyn II

From: mapovia (mapovia)
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To: lepadahxxx
Posted: Dec 12 11 12:59 PM

I perceive aristocracy in your picture. Your poetry is in that accordance.


Dec 15, 2011 06:33:41 AM

The following message was sent to you by pollyfish15 while viewing
your Member Profile:

Hello lepadahxxx, ;D

I'll try to be brief. I was perusing writing, as I often like to do on various forums and I ran across your work on about.com. I run a writing website www.writeforums.com and I was hoping you might
want to lend a critical eye and post some of your works there. Our site is just starting, only 60 or so active members, and our mission is to promote a friendly learning environment that fosters
growth and challenges writers to grow as artists. We want to attract the best quality of writer we can, so our only ad campaign is by personal invitation. I've read a couple of your posts and thought
they were intriguing, particularly 'Brooklyn II'(simply amazing) amazing), and was wondering if you might want to contribute some of your work and expertise to a small member-friendly start-up. (In
your spare time, I by no means wish to steal your talents away from your usual posting grounds.)

There are also monthly contests with prize money attached if that sort of thing floats your boat. and I think we could really benefit from your guidance.


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