Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good morning good people spread your love ...

As-Salāmu `Alaykum good people.  Blessing out to the universe, peace and tolerance.  Disturbing reports of racism in giving during the Sandy relief efforts in our area. Sister Maulene and I are hearing as late several volunteers with food,clothes and other needs went out to certain areas if Far Rockaway were told their help and donation was not necessary.  After an emotional election and massive suffering these particular group of individuals still harbor racism by refusing help from Others. I can only hope these fools if harden hearts, ignorance will discover the light of humanity.  Position in a twist on the couch listening to Al Sharpton  Hour of Power reading my favorite news periodical Amsterdam News after re reading the brilliant autobiography "Nigger" by  Dick Gregory . I advise all to read this intensely emotional book and feel each word discovering new tears of pain and joy.  A short re-read but great!!! So flip on the Meet the Press and check out Brother Al Sharpton ...  Peace and love. .. Must finish Ellison's "Three Days Before The Shooting... 



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