Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Dinner


Today was spent helping others get through difficult times in Far Rockaway at The Hammel Houses Serving Sunday dinner to residents who were pass over by FEMA and Red Cross trucks a few days ago. Where were the news reporters to highlight their story. Isolated from the rest of the world displaced by mother nature and political biases this Sunday dinner on a glorious sunny afternoon brought forth smiles, heartfelt appreciation and extreme gratitude. The church down the street completely destroyed by water the rugs, furnishing sat on the street as I walked with Lucy to the beach sand was swept onto streets and sidewalks sand dunes along the way, twisted metal and boardwalk debris. Thankful knowing I had a warm place and lights. The residents lined up and a future young politician we called him as this young boy about nine a pearl smile and said to me "you know it's been hard on us out here do sad but thank you ma'am we so glad you came thank you all we are so happy.  Helping us move some water and smiling.  What charisma this handsome young man is the future President we laugh handing him an extra plate and a slice of red velvet cake/vanilla cupcake he requested so nicely. Walking he look at me and  thank you do much for coming. Yes here was the forgotten some finding their loved ones on this day who they have not seen since Sandy hit the shore. As the sun began to sit and the chill creeped into fabrics of  residents who gathered the last remainder of food,drinks returning to their dark apartment still with no electricity and heat as the police lights blinked and we packed up our cars leaving them in the dark wondering about next time. They need food, clothing and sustainability to reconstruct lives again.  Waiting on lines waiting for a rescue.  Peace and blessing out to appreciative Far Rock...  We'll be back you my people are not forgotten.


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