Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Revolution and Aftermath... Hey Playthell thought you drop the piece...


This Revolution is being televised… just not here.  The turmoil in Egypt is not so unfamiliar proven to be a land destined  as a hot bed of discontent and dictatorship from the beginning of time and the the energy of a spiritual war  fuel  passion of believers beyond intellectualize commentary which is voided once the masses turn land into a field of blood.  There are questions of the return of Pharaohs to Egypt. Revolution will have to bare bloodshed is always violent. Religion and Politic have never in all of history been bedfellows and the partnership prove cataclysm.  I was reading an article in todays New York Times   "Revolution and Aftermath" highlights an succession leading up to the Revolution now present in Egypt with reference to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Their passion knowing death is sure to follow leaves no room for why the burning of the American flag is a shown resentment towards … hey Brother B you have one completely immersed in politics, Ancient Civilization, historical truths and political facts… keep us informed with your commentaries on the Times. Peace

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