Friday, November 9, 2012



President Barack Obama is back in the White House after a vicious campaign of blatant lies, insults, racial epithets and political flame throwing from Tea Party/ Republican crazed evangelicals and other simpletons as previously stated . Now to the task at hand a angels wedding, writing, reconstruction of all our lives here along the eastern seaboard. The disaster left behind by mother nature is a testimony to our mortality. A sitting is necessary at the A Baptist Church this Sunday to appreciate, reflect, and offering our congratulations to our President for as stated in my previous blog his meticulous maneuvering through the imbrogolio which presented a task by all means and President Obama holding true to his posture unrelenting steadfast with solid conviction. Yes there is a lot for us all to do to make our existing here more beneficial purpose for being decent to our fellow man/woman. Constantly in search of myself as that of Siddhartha. A resident feeler to higher elements in this life. A citizen of the world. To cross into a republic for which stand is TRUTH. We are rather comfortable with lies, deception and the only way is to purge oneself of all transgression and allow the super natural to hold one to the iron grid in order to sustain and become born again. This action might leave one with little or no friends but in this life time only one might stand beside. A war with thy self is yet the most firm with which to fight. Discharging my succubus. I stand before this test a miserable reflection of past deeds. I am certain to slip along the path but will eventually continue before ones death and let the record play at the end so my spirit might dance….

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