Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reflection Election Night 2012

Once again a big thank you to Brother Rafeek gifting one acute knowledge (political) instructing me on a more broader perspective as he very well knew my status and put my feet to the fire and cast aside my emotions revealing a pristine picture. By reaching in to rip apart ones heart lamenting it in girded steal so bidding all adieu. As I begin my journey pouring through  ...A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House [Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. I will continue my seclusion until I am reborned politically. Bless all my Bards and thank you Rafeek so I needed the outer box giving me a breath. I'm under a hordes of blankets, ear plugs and a stiff swig of liquor. Good night y'all and may the supreme guide us all.


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