Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Poetry Month to all the Poets . Death Poets by Lepadah


Death Poets by Lepadah

One of mass
spread traffic bankrupting rhyme 
forget squandering time
creating crawl lines

forget the glitz
we're coming super tight
like spandex
super hyped explosion
macking mic's

rocking block heads
left blown
cascading over preposition
lost inhibitions 

test skills
medicate membranes
baptized deliriously insane
epically furious 
deliverance sickly serious

forget the backdrop
delete that shit
fade the band
water the incense 
the new scent
smell me...

forget the gloss
poetically embossed
beaming bold italics on strathmore
legitimate drip premium

© 2010 Lepadah

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