Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Per Se by Lepadah


In Other Words by Lepadah 

Those piano keys
must be Monk tinkering at the light
awakening the we to early morning rhythms straight no chaser ...
slipping in-between slats
slits of sunshine split venetian blinds criss cross 
over our souls new arrangements 
abstract, architectural syllabus
Alpha to my Omega
you be the creator to our Pyramids
non other . . . than you lover 
discover, uncover the principal 
sought to walk away 
allowed this love to re-lay
in other words . . .
if only for one day; per se
in other words . . . to convey
we are an air of cliche
so far removed from the rest of the world
flown, blown to celestial skies 
"hear our love cries"
"hear our love cries"
sway me away 
with trembling tambourines
chiming, echoed births of African spirituals
rocking his tickled ivories, black and white
a micro nucleus burst jollying about 
volley inborn; once shaded caliginous 
lit by luminous liner notes and current berries
"Alleluia." the cry 
balm of Gilead 
snatching pearls to tempt reaping acquaintance 
I yen for you . . . I yen for you 
though the feelings are real
all the words that I say 
all the words that I say 
could not express how I feel . . .
simply ... could not express how I feel
In other words ... We are body & soul 

© 2011 Lepadah 
Revised 2013

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