Saturday, April 27, 2013

The return of Soul Music in Harlem ...

My recent interview with the legendary soul seventies singer Michael Lizzmore . Standing on 125th  street in front of where all it all began after winning 4 weeks in a row @ The Apollo when at the time enclosed in the winners envelop twenty - five dollars how times have change. Strolling down 125 th street he told me about the high and low of the record industry , bad management ; later signed with Capitol Records teaming up with the legendary arranger,composer, songwriter, keyboardist , Horace Ott.  "The hit record  "Promise" got reviews in the trade magazine , cash box & Record World.  After several gigs across the country Lizzmore wasn't getting paid . " I felt Phil Colbert did very little to advance my career."   He continued talking about failed management , threaten to be sued if I signed or left . Thus stifling the young artist at that point Lizzmore attempted to break ties with Phil. "I Recorded  a song "Never tasted SugarAny Sweeter" , written by Carl Sears, on Indie label called Verdith  Records. Produced by Fred Weekes, The President of that label.  Later Blasé went out on the road with Archie Bell and The Drells ... So I guess you want to know where all the old soul music has gone. It's still here in living a private life in Forest Hills, Queens. After battling his own crisis with addiction due to as he  simply states ..."The vision he had for himself as a solo artist grew blurry. I  became disenchanted . My niece was murdered, sister died. I fell into a dark abyss and started to play in the snow (cocaine and crack). Trying to freeze the pain. I almost got buried in an avalanche . "  Still standing and overcoming his addition through a strong family love Blase continues writing, singing creating his music. His artistic pot has been simmering with classic goodness of the real deal. Walking up 137th street Harlem which is in full bloom its spring time and everything is reedy to show their colors . We continue our interview on a bench near City College . Currently working on anew beginning ; struggling thru beats and a tight budget. The process of creating for this artist is solitude,plenty of paper and index cards. Perfecting beautiful harmony , the right words to fit the mellowing moves of horns,drums and the tinkle of black and white ivories ... An artistic rhapsody . His vocal horn one,two, three up loop breaks the silence of Harlem hills one stop into the Forest 71st  corded truffles drizzling mid air. One would have to stop long enough to Remember poetry blooming bouquet. Blasé is ready to hit the studio . Soul music ring ears resonant Jackie Wilson but still blasé .  Coming soon Magazine Article & video interview .  Been a long time coming... 

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