Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thank you sister Jill for being bloom!!!

As-Salāmu `Alaykum god's people creation of the all supreme one. Do happy to see our Black women standing by our Black men even if we're they're not together they're in it to help raise our black male child and female child as well ! Yippee Thank you sister Jill for your comment yes indeed deed it takes our men with the village to raise our children! Someone redefined apartment for me and yes Dr. Rok informed me the word our residence as single mother's "apartment" meant to be APART ... Yes apart from our men,family etc. the intentional isolation of strong relationships . Years ago we as Blacks would never ever consider placing our elders in a nursing home yikes !!! I know it to be the norm for most but not those of  us who hold our elders in high regards no  matter how crazy they bother us as we know. "gotta love dem our my peeps" lol . Let our love be our family... Be bless and thank you to sister Jill Scott for being ever bloomed  Peace let the love shine inshallah . 


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