Saturday, April 20, 2013

Play the 45 Soul by Lepadah ...Happy Poetry Month


"Play the 45 Soul" by Lepadah 

Crooning conducting strand 
Aspire spirits in bed
arise within sheets
Open day gig for Barnabas
stark stare
strange sacrifice 
During sleep
no recall
Draw lids airy
Somewhere forest in the hills
basement mirrored walls 
blue door
black silk beneath bottoms
line of exotic shoes  ; snakes, gators 
mohair and his leopard underwear
still crooning   "promise that you'll wait"
holding a glass of Muskatel
"it will go down swell'
player roll that old soul on 45
stereophonic sound
Liquor sure do taste good going down
sealed seventies luxuries 
so said 
Even tried to snuggle the pipe  inside a place
she pledge godly
promise another ...
so he promises to wait 
this time ...
letting passion sleep
if only for tonight

© 2013 Lepadah revised 

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