Monday, June 14, 2010

The Delaware Bridge

heart jumping to a strange fear
air stiff
I forgotten the roar and rolling of wheels
black waves skipping over
the Delaware steel massiveness
I dwarfed at its weightiness above
the tininess us
worming through traffic
slowly I ventured a peek
feeling my stomach somersault
I am not invincible
waves are unforgiving
no conscious of our existence
man appointed errors
held in complete limbo
the potential disaster paralyzed thoughts
I could not turn away
I wanted to search the face of death
did I say imminent goodbyes
to all that has ever love me
or liked, fucked or nothing
the chosen few could be counted on
fingers, toes
I did say "I love you"
so if this moment would be determine by fate
I am confident
those loves know
i know that I have been loved
armed with this affirmation
I crept along the side rail
waiting for the unexpected
thank the angels for carrying my black ass
across another the Delaware

© 2010 Lepadah

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