Monday, June 21, 2010

Groovy in Baltimore ... Real Southern Hospitality.

Trip to Baltimore this past weekend a lovely visit. Arriving early 10:00 a.m. grabbed a taxi at the depot on my way to Diamonds house. Let me make mention the weather was HOT!!!!!! Jesus I had to take a cold shower intense heat down here. It was mother and daughter quality time so we went to the World Famous Lexington Market had an appetizer and a couple of Coronas. The atmosphere was real cool meeting Lou Fleming's who shucked away a ton of clams and oysters for the crowded John W. Faidley Seafood Raw Bar. Yasmine introduce me to the crew. A sign which read "Forget Viagra Eat Oysters" love it. Along with a lively conversation and whole lot of Baltimore love nothing like it. We left ventured off to the Harbor for lunch. We ate lunch at • Tir Na Nog Irish Bar & Grill Harborplace, Pratt Street Pavilion a spectacular view of the Harbor. The food was delicious; we had Irish Ale battered fish & chips and Crispy chicken with a spicy hot sauce our drinks water (lol) a reality check after the Coronas at Lexington Market too damn hot for liquor. A delightful day and some well needed bonding I was truly in my comfort zone with yas. Although I must admit I missed my quintessential man this weekend. It's good to miss someone so when you see them next time it will be intense (smile). I needed to be down in Bmore just doing my thing with my daughter. My son was spending Fathers day with his dad out in Sag Harbor Long Island so I know he was having the usual blast out there. That is another fav spot of mine. I tell my son you are fortunate and blessed to be able to spend your summers with your dad and family in the happening hot spot ever. I do love the food at the Dock House in town wow. Getting back to Baltimore we took some pictures after lunch. Walked around the Harbor which we stop to listen to street performers singing doo wop later we checked out an artist doing his thing in the hot Southern sun whoa. I suggested we dodge this heat until later that night. I always have a great time in bmore whether it's Morgan State Homecoming or visiting my daughter which is my highlight. Thanks to my beautiful daughter, her friend mike, gizzy and mumbo for a great time. Hey man I got you baby.

Peace B.....more all love all day

My song for the day was.... I love this song by New Birth "Wildflower. The lyrics are wicked.

She faced the hardest times you can imagine
And many times her eyes fall back the tears
And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time her slender shoulders
For the weight of all her tears
And a sorrow no one hears
Still rings in midnight silence in her ears

Let her cry
for she's a lady
Let her dream
for she's a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She's a free and gentle flower growing wild

And if by chance that I should hold her
Let me hold her for a while
And if allowed just one posession
I would pick her from her garden to be mine

Be careful how you touch her for she'll awaken
And sleep's the only freedom that she knows
And when you look into her eyes you won't believe
For the way she's always paying for a debt she never owed
And a silent wind still blows that she can only hear
So she goes

Repeat chorus 2x

She's my free and gentle flower, growing growing growing wild
She's a free and gentle flower
growing growing wild
She's my flower,
growing growing growing wild
Growing growing growing growing wild
She's my free and gentle flower

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