Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peace out Pittsburgh

Last trip to Pittsburgh. Leaving before dawn standing in the thick of early morning woodpecker's outside my home is loud but refreshing to hear. I smell so good feeling anxious getting out of New York for the weekend again. I certainly miss giving BT a daily dose (DIMBJ) figure it out. (smiling) I miss going to the beauty shop on Saturday morning and talking girl shit with Elsie, Sandra and Sabrina besides sister needs a serious shampoo, trim and more highlights. The incentive of going away on these weekend road trips out weigh the must stay at this point. I arrived in Pittsburgh around twelve noon. The man was waiting for me with a big smile. I giggled my way to him embraced a winking kiss and his usual butt slap. His buddy R by now should know we get down in public have no problem with expression pushing onlookers eyes. QM is a definite exhibitionist. We are both products of the early eighties Platoes sex swing club. As stated previously I am conservative with an exception to my artist voyeur side of me that has a tendency to show and tell. I am a realist it is what it is. I believe in an open honest relationship and there are boundaries we both must honor. There I go veering. Spending some time in the city we stumbled across August Wilson Center For African American Culture which was so surreal for me because I had the pleasure of meeting August Wilson years ago at a literary brunch with several other known writers at B.Smith's Restaurant and later presented me with the Ntozake Shange Poetry Award at the Negro Ensemble. So being here was great. I also met a writer named Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard eighty -two years and looking fabulous with her husband. We spoke for awhile and quite surprised to see not many people at her book signing on such a beautiful day. She gave me a free copy of her book signed we exchange information. It is beautiful thing networking and meeting people who bring so much positive reinforcements to ones life. After spending time in the cultural center we left to meet another friend by the sixth street bridge. Pittsburgh was about to kick off the pride festivity so the rainbow colors were out okay... after several stops in and out of museums I needed to head back to the hotel unpacked and take a shower to wash the travel off. Saying goodbye to the afternoon and bringing on the evening is exactly what the mo fo Doctor ordered. QM and I shut the door showered changed into nothing , popped open a cold bottle of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio cheap but hmmmm so good. Lit a lavender scented candle flipping the lights time for beddy. I talked nasty to Q about a third member licking his dick ..."can you handle that man?" all the nigga did was smiled and moaned I already knew this freak knew exactly how to get the fuck down. I just moved with the moment and let him begin to take control. On top riding him moving off the dick time for (PM) pussy to mouth Q picked me up belly down ass popped up for (DNA) okay figure it out. (lol) Damn I 'm hooked cause the nigga is a great director. Both arms twisted behind my back and awe...ish this shit is good is all I'm going to say. I finished my glass of wine and we both took another shower. I jumped out the shower and checked a web site "Ghetto Gaggers" surprised at the crazy shit on this site. Damn I like porn but this craziness is wild. Chicks like my girl Cherokee with her fine ass gagging off these motherfuckers and letting them dogged her out was far from sexy it was dehumanizing. I gag on Q but not like this you have to check it out to know what I'm talking about. My shit is more down with Superhead deep throat shit. Karrine Steffans that's my girl too. I could not watch anymore of this crap. I fell asleep looking forward to Pittsburgh Pride celebration. Kudos to Pittsburgh for trying but nyc and sf is holding that ish down. I still had a great weekend!!!! Peace out Pittsburgh always love.

Peace Lepadah

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