Monday, June 14, 2010

To Lydia (oba)

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To Lydia (oba)


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Posted: Jun 14 10 02:10 PM

The monster slid to
the Baby Grand in Harlem
and waited to hear from Duke,
Dizzy, Bird, Miles ahead of everyone
snorted some coke, heard jazz bouncing
upside heads, walls, grabbed somebody's
stingy brim cutting off his forehead in the process,
sat cock-eyed,    clean     bold    dope
dap, went in, going in, hard     early music
hot heavy let me hoff at you
The monster wanted sex
wanted ice
slowly   vodka , hen-dog water back
tight trigger pains of revolving doors,
spirit voices carrying jazz back to mother-hold.
Monster wanted sex sex  ass ass  pussy pussy
of cold black eons   generations of nappy headness
skeletal choices
'Who wants to fuck a monster?', he screamed,
loudly, boldly, turning imaginations hot   heavy
'Who wants to go in, go hard, with    a   monster?????!'


To: trkyounger
Posted: Jun 14 10 03:38 PM
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OMG Rock the block oba!!!! what a hit hard below the belt hard. Love this ish....

I would like to nominate half-light "de bomb" but this is DE BOMB. Sitting in my conservative office listening an Aria by Donizetti O Mio Fernando and you throw this hard ball into park come on forum stand.

One Lepadah

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