Monday, June 7, 2010

Pittsburgh hot weekend...Cherokee got a big ass...damn.

Spent Saturday in Pittsburgh enjoying the Three Rivers Art Festival was great even in the rain. We dodge in and out of different galleries simply stated "Artrageous." The exhibit that I found exciting and disturbing the Visual Art Exhibition "Congo Women." A realistic view of a disturbing situation in Democratic Republic of Congo. Below a brief synopsis from the contributors of the Three Rivers Art Festival.

Visual Art Exhibition

The photographs in this exhibition tell the story of daily life in the Congo - political, economic, cultural, medical and personal. These images are at once gorgeously composed, highly aesthetic, and full of humanity. At the same time, many are painfully saturated with human grief and suffering. This exhibition sheds light not only on the situation facing women of the Democratic Republic of Congo but on gender-based violence around the world and demonstrates why the arts have a powerful role as mirror and map to influence social change.

After viewing several exhibitions we walked over the Sixth Street Bridge also known as the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The three rivers are Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, where the Ohio River forms. A spectacular sight day or night. You just might catch a Jazz performance along the rivers on any given spring, summer night. I certainly enjoyed the hell out the company I was keeping I'll refer to him as Quintessential man. I'm smiling and he keeps this Lady happy. We ate at a greek restaurant chicken of course and watch the heavens douse heavy rain on Pittsburgh. Kissed in the rain and finally making our way back to the car. Later that night we hit the casino which was overkill for me. I can't see sitting at a slot machine and all those damn bells and dings; glad we left. Went back to the hotel where a nice chilled bottle of Grey Goose was waiting. Lit some candles took a long thorough shower popped in the dvd player Cherokee's big ass x video. Damn that girl's ass is big and beautiful... ok you feel me. I was beyond ready after a quick fast during the work week cleaning my system out. So...yeah we got down raw my arm twisted behind my back a whole lot of hair pulling and the nigga dicked me down (anal) can you say oh yeah! I can't describe how good those orgasms felt. I was crawling up the side of the bed while gangster was laying down right. Oh my! I really am quite the conservative lady but I also release the slut side in the bedroom. A wonderful weekend. Happy to round out the trip seeing my daughter in Baltimore before heading back to New York.

Peace The Lep

Book dropping the end of the month. I'm so happy..

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