Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obatala answer to "Pimp and Baby Girl."


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Monster and Baby Girl (oba)

From: trkyounger (trkyounger)

I have hundred
of names for the monster.
I push the white-t from my
shoulder and let it fall to my
ankles. I am Baby Girl and when
you hold me, caress me, it burns
a little. You tell me about the six
signs of the decaying of an angel
as you start pulling my guts out to
eat me. Pimp use to tell me that
people demand, desire damnation.
Monster, pick me up. Rub my face
in mud. You are a wind from nowhere.
Your life is a chain of shit words and
the Obatala is coming to kill you.

Obatala (all rights reserved)

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